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Global Consortium aspires to effectuate a Policy to implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By this means our Employees, Customers, Suppliers and the Local Community are impacted by our Business. Effective relationships are maintained, responsible attitudes are exercised, legal requirements upheld beyond expectations, offering business benefit to all, while improving our own business performance.


Corporate Social Responsibility has caused Global Consortium to:

  • Consider the Suppliers we have chosen and how to deal with them
  • Consider how our employees are treated
  • Consider the affect on the Local Community and our involvement therein
  • Consider the affect on the environment with respect to reducing waste and pollution and to avoid unnecessary costs
  • Cope with new laws and limitations, and above all
  • Keep winning business from increasingly demanding customers
  • Suppliers

All Suppliers would be considered in the choice of products. Preferred suppliers would be listed with respect to:

  • Local suppliers to reduce energy delivery waste
  • Responsible working practices
  • Attitudes towards CSR
  • Consideration for smaller businesses
  • Payment terms
  • Product track record related to customer requirements
  • Customers

A Company Policy is established to work with customers in an open and fair way by:

  • Brochure distribution without ambiguity or hiding the truth
  • Being honest about products and service
  • Open social responsibility
  • Avoidance of pressure selling techniques to take advantage of vulnerable customers
  • Acknowledgement of problems and how difficulties are dealt with
  • Acknowledgement of customer knowledge to improve products and service
  • Working with Local Community

Accredited reputation is built up on improvement in working with the local community by:

  • Support of local charity. Global Consortium contributes both monetarily and employment time, not only to promote product and image but with a sense of duty. Monthly contributions are made to schools, church organisations, poverty trusts and sponsorships nominated by employees.
  • Global Consortium offers their facilities to Charities, Public Communities and Voluntary Organisations
  • Student fundraising is widely supported within the company employees
  • Community activities relating to Education, RRT support for disasters, Gospel Hall building projects and Business Help Support by employees, without prejudicing the time-off, is stimulated.
  • Effectiveness of Global Consortium CSR

Measured CSR can never be overlooked. Global Consortium have carried out Customer and Community Surveys from time to time to monitor the policy, reputation, customer loyalty and motivation of the organisation and its employees.

  • Customer loyalty is rewarded by complimentary gift vouchers and special pricing for consistency of business and weekly repeat orders.
  • Employees are rewarded for their loyalty by merit bonuses.
  • Targets are achieved through incentives for employees
  • Absenteeism is of insignificance.
  • Recruitment of employees is not unknown, but Global Consortium boasts a very low staff turnaround due to upholding of Company ethics and Policy  
  • Dedicated Customer Service logging, follow-up and reporting inclusive of product defect reporting is implemented.
  • Younger employees are given line manager responsibilities and hidden skills are being discovered.
  • The company carries a current BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification Award since 2003, during 2010 was awarded both BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification. The company is audited annually by QMS International plc. In addition, Accreditation for ISO 13485:2012 has been awarded during 2016, audited by CQS.
  • Environmental Waste Management is stimulated, implemented, recorded and monitored for recycling and current Certification of Compliance is held. In house Cardboard and Plastic Packaging Compaction Processes are used to make it biodegradable as possible for removal and recycling.
  • Green Travel Management is encouraged and daily records are kept. Employees are rewarded according to achievements to stimulate this means of travel.
  • Chemical Awareness Programmes are available for Customers who purchase cleaning chemicals. All representatives are certified as competent to conduct the courses and to issue certification of attendance to customers.
  • Health and Safety Policies are enforced throughout the company. Training is provided for employees and responsibilities are shared within the organisation making it a safe environment for employees and customer consideration.
  • Approved Accreditation with CHAS, Constructionline, SafeContractor, Builders Profile and SMAS Contracting compliment the Global Consortium profile.
  • Promotion of Global Consortium Branded Products are promoted not only to increase profit margins, but to ensure the quality of product carrying the name of the company, warranty commitment and after sales service. Development is ongoing, training of representatives and marketing measures are constantly under review within the framework established.
  • Late payment preventative policy is strictly adhered to and monitored by the company management.  

Key Performance indicators against other businesses, environmental performance and Community involvement although not effectively measured as yet, feedback has indicated the effectiveness of the Policy. Long term value improvement of the strategies is what is envisaged within the framework of the company CSR.


Global Consortium undertakes to promote and to exploit the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility in a responsible attitude beyond the legal requirements of the law, and to follow straightforward principles that are beyond the expectations of Customers, Suppliers, Employees and the Local Community.


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