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GLOBAL CONSORTIUM (the ‘Organisation’) recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to the provision of capital and disposable supplies to the hospital, nursing and care industry and the service and maintenance of nursing and care equipment. The Organisation’s declared policy is to operate with and to maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies.

It is the Organisation’s objective to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to meet, exceed or develop all necessary or desirable requirements and to continually improve environmental performance through the implementation of the following:

GLOBAL CONSORTIUM objectives are to:

  • Enhance environmental awareness within GLOBAL CONSORTIUM sphere of influence.
  • Eliminate risks from hazardous materials and substances in accordance to COSHH aspects as detailed in the Health and Safety Manual.
  • Reduce the amount of waste by recycling and re-using recycling materials.
  • Elimination of risk of contamination of landfill sites from the incorrect disposal of products and materials that may be considered damaging to the environment.
  • Ensure compliance with Environment Legislation by obtaining all relevant information from approved sources.
  • Minimise use of fuels from non-sustainable resources for transport users.
  • Minimise use of fossil fuel by efficient use of heating and prevention of unnecessary heat loss.
  • Minimise use of fossil fuel by efficient use of air cooling processes.
  • Minimise use of fossil fuel by efficient use of lighting without jeopardising Health and Safety commitments.
  • Maximise the recycling of unwanted company equipment through suitable sources.
  • Minimise potentially harmful effects from the use of cleaning chemicals and subsequent disposal of empty containers.
  • Ensure all Paper/Packaging waste is re-used or re-enters the recycling chain wherever possible.
  • Ensure all paper products are sourced from recycled or sustainable suppliers.
  • Ensure that toner cartridges are recycled or refilled by a suitable source.
  • Promote and actively monitor Emergency Preparedness within GLOBAL CONSORTIUM.
  • Reduce the amount of water used and from an additional energy view, the amount of hot water generated.
  • Promote return of scrap metals into the recycling chain.
  • Increase awareness of existing and prospective customers that your services and reduce energy usage.
  • Reduce the amount of landfill waste produced by GLOBAL CONSORTIUM annually.
  • Promote return of plastics and plastic wrapping into the recycling chain.


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